So our newest recruit is Emma. She is fabulous and wants to be the Spokes very own DJ at performances as we’ve had some problems before getting the timing right for each song change etc.This gave me the idea wwe should build a pedal powered soundystem, that way we can have lovely bike powered music that Emma can play our tunes on and we can even get a bit of audience participation going on- people can pedal to power our tunes!!!ace.

So I started thinking about it and researching etc and so did Emma and we both got pretty excited about it…THEN an amazing thing happened!

I work for Sustrans and all the Bike It Officers from around the UK met up for a couple of days of workshops, hanging out and meeting each other..and we had a workshop in, guess what, how to make things pedal powered, how ace is that!!??

The workshop was run by these well cool people from a project called Magnificent Revolution and not only did they show me how to do it and gave great advice but Shaun, one of them, agreed to helping us build it AND they want us to go and perform at one of their upcoming fundraising events. SO ACE.


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