The Spokes Women’s Project

Under The Spokes banner I am starting a new project specifically aimed at getting girls/women skilled up bike-wise. So I’m gonna offer weekly FREE bike maintenance classes, FREE cycle confidence classes, and also bike polo classes with the aim of setting up a female bike polo league. Also, more bike dancing workshops with a view to more and more people joining the spokes bike dance troupe.

I want to do this project because so many women I meet don’t know anything about fixing bikes, but want to learn. I love cycling and want to promote it for many obvious reasons. I am a qualified bike mechanic, cycling instructor, ride leader, mountain bike instructor and have lots of experience to share. Because of my passions to empower people to ride bikes more I shall organise this and share my skills free of charge and in my spare time.

The project will aim to:

Promote bicycle riding,

Promote riding bikes as a mode of transport that is safer, more sociable, more rewarding, more fun, less damaging to ourselves and the people and environment around us than this massive car culture,

Encourage women to learn and gain skills that they might have been less likely to learn in the past due to gender and cultural bias/stereotyping,

Encourage more women to ride bikes, as statistics show they are underrepresented in the bike community,

Promote positive self image for people no matter what their body shape or appearance, and to celebrate the empowerment of women,

Encourage health and fun exercise that isn’t in boring expensive gyms,

Encourage people and ourselves to live out our craziest dreams every moment,

Have masses of fun and encourage others to as well.

It shall involve:

* Bicycle Maintenance Classes

* Cycle Confidence Classes

* Bicycle Polo Classes and Practice

* Bicycle Dancing

* Social Bike Rides

many thanks