Hello Spokes Fans! We’ve been quiet in the cyber world for months but so much has been going on in reality, it’s time for us to get back online and start to update you all on our exciting progress!

In April, The Spokes gained three new members in the form of Jen, Claire and myself – Kat.

Becca Caroline and Emily got us stuck into the weekly Acro practices and learning the two routines. We had to quickly perfect these for June’s performance at Mad Ferret Festival.

Initiations out of the way and it was time to write a brand new comedy routine! We successfully debuted this at September’s Critical Mass and had lots of ace feedback! We hope to perfect the routine for our up coming performances:
Wed 7th Oct – Pedal Powered party as part of the university’s Green Week
Mon 19th Oct – Manchester Comedy festival at Iguana Bar in Chorlton.

This winter we plan to write even more amazing routines to help us effectively communicate the joy of cycling through the medium of dance. This makes it a perfect time for anyone new to joins us. We’re having open days this week:

Wed 7th, Open Acro – Manchester Uni Students Union – 6-8pm
We have a qualified and experienced circus trainer teaching us cool acrobatic type stuff! Balances off each other, human pyramids, counter balances, getting on each other’s shoulders….stuff like that.

Sat 10th – Open Bike Play – Chorlton (message us for address) – 12-2pm
We take the little kids bikes out for a spin, do some tricks and some synchronised riding etc.

This is for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun with some ace people, and learn some cool new stuff. We kinda hope that when you see how much fun we have you’ll want to join our dance troupe but it’s ok if you don’t. Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re fit, athletic, agile or co-ordinated enough, neither are we!!

If you’re interested, please get in touch: thespokes@yahoo.co.uk

More updates to come soon…..stay tuned!


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