Picture the scene. It’s a stand up night in Chorlton’s Iguana Bar as part of the Manchester Comedy Festival. Two Comedians and the MC have been on stage so far. The bar is full, despite this being a Monday night. After the second act the patio doors are flung open and the audience are asked to turn their chairs around to face outside. The people hiding at the back are suddenly on the front row. Others leave their seats to gather around the patio edges. The sound of Wonder Woman starts blaring from the PA system. Then, from out of the darkness, a dramatic and impressive entrance is made by 6 women, dressed in green and black, complete with little bikes and a flag which reads “THE SPOKES”.

Yes, that’s right, last night The Spokes made their debut on the comedy circuit! And wow, was it a success! The audience were faced with the unexpected and they enjoyed it more than we’d ever dared to imagine!

Huge thanks to everyone that came down to support us, and especially to Des for taking a gamble and letting us perform at his night!


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