Spokey New Year!

2010 is looking to be a very exciting year in Spoke Land. New Spokes Lauren and Tamara have settled in and we feel like we need to stop calling them New Spokes. Anyone wishing to become the next Newbies let us know. There’s no harsh initiation ceremonies – honest!

Before Christmas we threw a Pudding Party for Spokes, friends, fans, helpers and Secret Spokes. No main course was eaten, just eight rounds of homemade pudding. With fun activities and games in-between. Some of us still have a fear of sugar, but it was worth the pain!

Pudding Carnage!

Santa brought many of us Hokey Spokes bike lights and glow in the dark hula hoops for Christmas. No doubt these will be worked into ideas for some of the new routines we’ve been dreaming up! If we can put in enough hours between non-spoke commitments, we hope to be able to debut a new routine or two, and perfect some of the older routines. Lots of talk and messages are flying around regarding potential performances this year, and we may even try our hands at event organising. We shall keep you up to date with this as and when they are confirmed.

We are proud to have gained our very own volunteer bicycle mechanic, Hannah. This week a few us braved a cold wintery night in Spoke HQ’s basement, fixing up the little bikes and showing them some much needed love. It’s a great chance us to brush up on our bike maintenance skills. Can’t wait to get out onto our super efficient fabulous bikes once the snow has melted!


Finally, word in our regular pub has it that a potential male bicycle dance troupe is forming so they can challenge us to a dance off. We’ve accepted their challenge and can’t wait to see if The Track Nuts live up to their drunken words! IT’S ON!!