Small Bike Appeal

In 2009 the recruitment drive for new Spokes was so successful we now have more members than we have bikes! This means we now need to put out a plea for any children’s bikes, shoppers or BMXs people might be able to spare.

We’re hoping someone might know someone who’s child has grown out of their bicycle and now it’s just collecting dust in the shed (the bicycle that is, not the child). Please could anyone reading this spread the word and ask people to contact us if they’d like us to pick up your unused bike and put it to good use. We’ll quite happily welcome broken and damaged bikes that we can set our mechanic loose on, or use for much needed parts!

If you find an abandoned bike then contact the police first. If no one claims it after a set period of time the bike becomes legally your property, and perhaps you might care to donate it to your favourite bicycle dance troupe. Just a suggestion!

We’re not a cash-rich organisation, but if anyone can help us out with this then we will find a way to show you our gratitude, even if it might be in a non-financial way.

Contact Kat on 07759 630487 or


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