Festival Time

It’s started, it’s already been amazing, and there’s so much more to come! Oh yes, I Bike MCR’s annual bike festival is upon us!

The Spokes are putting on a number of very special events and we’d love for you to come join in!

Here’s our flyer with all the details on:

Don’t be afraid of turning up on your own and not knowing anybody, that’s how the majority of us started. This isn’t a recruitment drive, there’s no obligation for you to join The Spokes, just come on out and have some bike related fun! Feel free to get in touch: thespokes@lists.riseup.net or call Kat on 07759 630487

If you feel like being extra wonderful, you could always print this the flyer and stick it up in your window, on the noticeboard at work, uni etc – anwhere people will see it, that would be AMAZING!

Make sure you keep an eye on ibikemcr.org.uk for updates of everything that’s happening!

See you in the saddle