Recent Shows

Over the past month or so, The Spokes have performed their brand new routine at a few events across Manchester.

Green Grafitti – part of MMU´s Green week. The first outing for our new routine and the introduction of some Flashmobbers! New Spoke Zaneta made a cameo apearance on rollerblades.
Finding Hulme at the Zion Centre – after Orange Critical Mass. The big one! Friends, Mums, instructors, and the majority of the Manchester in the audience. Technical problems and a missing Spokes led to an improvised opening to the performance. See the videos page!
Chorlton Green Festival – We took new Spokes Zaneta, Hannah and Jenni to a park first thing in the morning to teach them a routine. Then we cycled off to the festival and performed it! See the videos page for the results! Pretty impressive learning rate I’m sure you’ll all agree.

We’ll soon be uploading photos from this so keep an eye out on the photos page.

“Oh My God! Is that a brand-new-eight-person HUMAN BICYCLE!