It´s Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow´s the day we bring a whole new type of bicycle fun to the streets of Manchester! Based on the alley cat races a few of us have had amazing fun competiting in, we´re changing the focus so any cyclist can realisticly compete for an amazing prize (and they really are amazing).
All you fixie hipsters are very much welcome, and we encourage you to come complete our race in record time! There`s only one prize for speed, second gets you nothing, the pressure is on!
And for those of you who perhapse don´t believe you´re the fastest cyclists in Manchester, or maybe don´t know what the hell an “alley cat” is, do not fear! There are prizes for completing challenges, freestyling, outfits, and much more!
Meet outside bicycle boutique, round the back on Sandbar (Grosvenor Street) at 2pm. Race Mistress Crompton will explain all when you get there, but if you have any questions please get in touch!
We´ve put quite a bit of work into this so it would be amazing to see as many of your happy faces down there. To be honest, I`m kinda gutted I´m not allowed to take part because it looks like a ridiculous amount of fun, and there´s some prizes I really want! But alas, Spokes duties means I´ll be manning one of the checkpoints.
See you all tomorrow! Come dressed in your best green & black and be ready to move!