Hallowe’en Spooking

For one weekend only, The SpooooOOOks took their show to the streets of Manchester to communicate the HORROR of driving…through the medium of dance!

The routine was thrown together in just a few weeks and pokes fun in the fear culture surrounding misconceptions of cycling. Remember kids, you’d better not ride a bike, because you will get killed and you will become a zombie and (worse still) you will have to dance to Michael Jackson for the rest of your undead life (the horror!)

Car drivers are not safe either (perhaps they should have been wearing driving helmets?) Driving seriously harms you and those around you, so you too shall die and become a zombie!

Thankfully, evolution is here to save us. Watch as the undead drivers discover a new contraption, will only two wheels, and no motor. But how does it work? Can we form our own? Out of zombie bodies and pyrotechnics? Watch the video to find out!

View the Video here!