The Spokes – The Show!!

A big change is happening within the way The Spokes approach new routines!

Our usual approach tends to involve pulling routines together within weeks then throwing them out onto the unsuspecting public without any real concept of what it looks like. We enjoy this approach, it’s what the Spokes are: random, spontaneous, chaotic, a little weird.

But now we’re testing a more professional idea…we have a director! Yes yes! Our acrobalance instructing has morphed into a new role and will be taking us through the whole process from inception, writing, choreographing, directing, marketing and then performing! These are very exciting times. We’ve got a deadline of four months to launch our first proper Show! That’s right, not just a random routine, but a professional Show! We can almost hear the cheers of the Glastonbury audiences already!

The Show will be ready for International Women’s week (if we can secure funding) and Chorlton Green Festival (of which we are apparently the unofficial theme!). After this, we will be able to role it out all year to whoever is willing to book us. Get your orders in there now!

Last night was the first rehearsal under our director’s influence. Activities included:
Playing games like stuck in the mud, but on bikes.
Demostrating our current collection of tricks with fantastic names like the Shoulder Dislocator, spin cycle and (everyone’s favourite) the Iron Fanny!
Drawing our idea bicycles, complete with essential features such as an aquariam on the handlebars (please look out for any stray fish in bike lanes)
Sharing stories as a response to three questions:
1. What is your earliest bicycle memory and how old were you?
2. Where is the most exotic place you’ve ridden a bike?
3. What does being in the Spokes mean to you?

It was really interesting to get to know eachother’s cycling history and experiences. Between us, we’ve riden bikes all over Europe, America, China, Guana and Tanzinia! Our first bike memories range from a 12 year old using a bike as the only way to get around in Conneticut, to a 1 year old in the basket of a bike in Jamaca!

The Spokes mean a lot to all of us: fun, friendship, empowerment, a postivie female image, making a difference, being a visible part of a community, knowing that bicycles and dancing make sense, and mostly it means we’re all a little weird!

We’re very intrigued to see how our director is going to turn all this into ideas for a new routine!

The future is very exciting, the future is GREEN (and black)!