New Show!

Greetings Spokes fans. We’ve been in training with our new director for quite a few months now and the finished product is almost ready to be released into the public realm. The new show tells the story of the evolution of the bicycle. Join us on this journey through bicycle utopia, fighting off the bike devil, and (hopefully) finding a happy ending.

We’ve secured some brilliant performances supporting causes we’re all big fans off. First up is International Women’s day. This is a very exciting event to be a part of as it’s celebrating 100 years since the first International Women’s day. Manchester , being the UK birth place of Women’s Suffrage, will be hosting a great variety of events for you to get involved in. See here for details:
Bicycles played a very important role in the emancipation of women and are still seen by many of us as the most liberating aspects of our lives. We’re headlining the events at the town hall and after our show will be the release of 100 balloons to celebrate the anniversary.
Sunday 6th March, Manchester Town Hall . Events start at 12, Spokes are on at 3:30.

Next up is a trip to Manchester ’s greatest park: Plattfields. A special event is combing the month long celebrations of International Women’s Day with Holi – the Asian festival of colour. Well, we like to be colourful, we like community events, we support women, and we love Plattfields, so this is a good combination of things. Times are yet to be announced but head on down to the park on Sunday 20th and prepare to get covered in colourful paint, as well as enjoy the bike dancing of course!
For more info you can contact the fabulous Anna PowWow, Spokes Numero Uno fan and Ms Plattfields herself on

Finally, and the biggy, is Chorlton’s Big Green Festival. Where the unofficial theme is bicycles, and the unofficial unofficial theme is The Spokes. We’re up to all sorts here. Not only will we be performing the new show but you’re all going to be treated to a very special appearance of the UK’s only other bicycle dance troupe! Yes, there is more than one of us! The amazing Les Velo Bici from Bristol are making the journey up to Manchester . Last year The Spokes travelled to Bristol for the UK ’s first ever bicycle dance off. Now it’s round two on our home turf. So come on out and show your support. We’re going to need it, these girls have got some sick tricks up their stylish sleeves!
Chorlton’s Big Green festival is an entire day of fun, entertainment, workshops, stalls and all things eco. St Clement’s Church, Chorlton, Saturday 16th April.
See here for more details: