Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

Two years ago, Spokes Becca and Kat visited the cycling capital and even got featured on the legendary Copenhagen Cycle chic. Click here for the post.

 This month, Kat went back to see how the city has been developing its bicycle culture. She was joined this time by another Spoke, Chemistry Claire. Here they both are on Amager Island in a newly developed part of the city.


Check out the clarity and width of the bike lane! This is a few miles from the centre which doesn’t see as much heavy bicycle traffic as areas such as Norrebro but still the perfect infrastructure is consistent.

 I heard a statistic a while ago alone the lines of about a third of adults use a bicycle to commute and 55% of city centre journeys are by bicycle. I Manchester the model share is less than 1%. The people who gracefully role through the city would not describe themselves as “cyclists”. They are simply normal citizens using the most convenient method of transport. They wear normal clothes, they ride practical bikes, they are the majority. Going to a gig practice? Put your guitar on your back and your amp on your handlebars. Going for a night out? Get those heals on and get to the club for free. Meet a beautiful person in the club? Put them on your pannier rack and escort them home. Need to take the kids to nursery? Well there’s plenty of bicycle solutions to that!

 Here are some of the cycle citizens on their Monday morning commute to work:


 Manchester and Copenhagen share similar weather. Infact, Copenhagen’s weather is worse. They are both flat cities. They are both of a similar size. How can the culture be so different? How can one have perfect infrastructure and the other nothing but jokes? We need to get our act together and fast before this beloved city of ours chokes!