On Saturday we performed at Envirolution in Platt Field’s park for the second year in a row. Yes, we were so good last year we got invited back! It was a lovely sunny day, so we decided to cycle our little bikes all the way from our HQ at The Circus House to Platt Field’s park. Fortunately, we now have a Spokes roadie who helped us. Check out Ella and her nice green Civia (very Spoke-y) transporting our mini stunt bike.

En route we stopped off at our proud/reluctant sponsor, Bicycle Boutique, and did a mini skit for them by way of a warm up for us and to cheer them up as they were working on a fine sunny Saturday.

Our performance went down well at Envirolution, the audience were brilliant. We did have to battle the mud but it was good practice for upcoming festival performances. 2 new Spokes debuted, H and Hazel (younger sister of former Spokes Becca) and Ella the Spokes Roadie did a cameo on the mini stunt bike. The sound system was booming and was supplied by Pow-Wows-Pedal-Powered-system which some of us had a go at powering for later performers. Good work everyone and well done to Envirolution for putting on such a good event. We hope to do it all again next year.