Moonlight Ride 7th August

We started in The Sandbar as per usual where we got in the mood by watching some olympic track action. After much shouting and cheering and almost crying we departed for an adventure! We headed north for a change towards Botany Bay Wood along bits of canal that were passable. Progress was hindered by not one but TWO punctures!

Once we got to the wood we realised it was private so cycled on to find somewhere else to drink our beers. We stopped under a bridge in Worsley on the canal where we had a mini-history lesson from Kieron. We cycled back along some more canal and back on road as well as going over a hidden footpath over Irwell Docks towards Irlam then home. Approx 25 miles in all, not bad considering we fixed two punctures along the way. See you same time, same place next week to do it all again!