A Grand Day Out

 Yesterday four of us spent an idyllic Sunday afternoon on a grand day out in Cheshire.

We followed the canal and back streets to Dunham Massey for deer and duckling spotting, picnic number one and luxury portaloos (“gosh, you can tell we’re in Cheshire” remarked Meg)

Then it was down the winding country lanes to the huge Tatton Park for picnic number two by the lake, where a huge tree protected us from the rain.

Thankfully the weather soon picked up and we completed our journey to the final destination, Boundary Park. We were here to swim in crystal clear open water, some of us completing the long course, others paddling and jumping off the floating jetty. 


In total we road about 35 miles, swam about half a mile, and ran about 5 metres, so that counts as a triathlon right?

The most important task of the day was keeping a tally of the animals we’d spotted, here are the results:

Mallard Duck (and very cute little yellow duckling), Coots, Moorhens (one hen, two hens, more hens?), Swift (or maybe a swallow, what’ the difference?), Deer, Geese, Swans, A very cute Pigmy Goat!! Cat, Dogs, Horses, Donkey, Sheep, Cows. And a wooden owl which apparently doesn’t count.

The day really showed us you don’t have to be super fit on an expensive bike and dressed in lycra to get out into the countryside on your bike and have a lovely day out.