A Generation Has Been Inspired?

Our Spokes Skill Sessions have commenced!
Week 1 featured a BMX friend of ours teach us some sick tricks! We’re working on track stands, wheelies and riding backwards on the handlebars. This was very hard work, we all ached so much in the morning.
The Olympics have shown us what amazing things women can achieve in Sport with determination. With this in mind, we’ve committed to practicing these every week until we can do it, no matter how much our arms hurt and our legs are bruised! I wonder if Seb Co and friends, when trying to “inspire a generation”, really wanted grown women on children’s bikes trying to do wheelies? Hmm…

As a bit of fun on the side, last week we played some games. This is an action shot of Grandma’s footsteps.

We’ll get some sick trick pics up as and when we can actually do them!!