We Love The Circus House!

Last night we said a very sad fairwell to our beloved HQ at The Circus House. For the past year we’ve based ourselves in what used to be JJB Sports at Ancoats Retail Park. Some rather brilliant people leased the vacant building and created the North West’s only space dedicated to practicing circus skills. But now JJB have gone into administration and our friends were given one week to move out.

Last night was the final session. The room was full of parkour guys and girls running, climbing and jumping off the assault course they’ve built over the year. Sian was leading another trapeze class, with students doing beautiful and challenging duets high above the ground. Our old director Owen and his acrobalance partner were performing moves whilst both stood on a gym ball. Millhouse, as usual, was a blur of unicycles and juggling clubs. The photographers were out in force to capture this truly special place before it closes. We’ll really miss this place, you never know what you will see when you walk through that door.

When we found out the news of the closure, we had just 24 hours to find a new home for all our stuff. The day was save by our sponsor Paul from Bike Boutique who provided his van, and our good friend Yoav who cleared a basement for us. Huge thanks to them both. Last night we moved 15 bikes and countless props which tell the history of The Spokes.

The Circus House is one of the best things to happen to The Spokes. Our rehearsal times used to be taken up loading bikes in and out of a basement, and cycling them to and from a not-so-near community centre. The Circus House provided us with storage in our own mezzanine practice space. This meant all our rehearsal time was spent rehearsing. The improvement to morale and performance was so noticeable. We need The Circus House, we cannot do this without them!

Now the owners of this community venture face a tough challenge. How do you move out all this huge circus kit and where do you store it? Then they’ve got to find a new place and re launch. This is not good buy to the circus house, they will be back, and not a moment too soon.