Mechanics Night

Last night we had our Spokes Mechanics Session. The little bikes have been laying unloved for a year, so it was time to get them spruced up ready for the new members.


One of the many things I’ve gained from being a Spokes is bike mechanics skills. When it’s my own bike I’ve spent money on and rely upon to get from A2B, I lacked the confidence to attempt fixing things I didn’t understand. But on The Spokes bikes, well we get them in pretty bad condition, so I felt relaxed playing around with them, surely I can’t make them any worse? I’m lucky to be a part of an awesome bunch of women who enjoy sharing their skills. Knowing how to fix bikes gives you independence and freedom. It’s confidence boosting, empowering, and extremely useful. I now stop at the roadside offering help to people in trouble, not everyone is willing to accept help from a woman in a summer dress, but you’d be impressed the number of tools I can fit in my handbag!

So back on topic, with the help of Jessie and Caz, we successfully got all the little bikes into working order. An impressive achievement if you’d seen them before hand!

Bring on the first rehearsal! It’s not too late to get involved, just get in touch!