The new Spokes are born!

Tonight the new Spokes were born! And they’re brilliant!

The new line up consists of 5 women who have no experience of dancing or performing and haven’t been on kids bikes since they were kids. There is just one person who has done this before, that’s myself, Kat. I’m facilitating the launch with the view of this eventually being a collective with everyone contributing to ideas, rather than me leading just because I’ve done this before. I thought this would take about a month to get the new Spokes creating ideas. I was very wrong!

I pre-planned a basic introduction to bicycle dancing session for this evening. The women whizzed through it and before I knew what was going on they were coming up with ideas of their own. We now have the backbone of a routine, plus costume ideas, all in 2 hours! Their enthusiasm, creativity and sense of fun is exactly what I was looking for.

We did an exercise coming up with poses, then I showed them a few formations. From this, I tasked them with getting themselves into a pose with the bikes. And they formed this. Pretty good for day one

2014-02-03 19.49.16

Lotte fell off her bike during the pose exercise, and the way she landed is how they came up with the pose the middle row are doing. This is the creativity I’m talking about!