Manchester Bike Hire

 We would like to introduce to your our official roadie; Pavol from Manchester Bike Hire.


Our little bikes may be perfect for dancing on but they are a nightmare to ride anywhere and too heavy to carry. Getting to shows has always been a logistical challenge. The recent performance at UMBUG was the smoothest logistics we’ve ever experienced. This is because we have hired a roadie.

Manchester Bike Hire have a trailer designed for transporting two adult sized bikes. So if you hire from them, they deliver and collect the bike direct to wherever you might be. Pavol manages to carry 5 of our little bikes on that trailer, plus the tiny tiny stunt bike on the front rack of his bike. Very Impressive!

The bikes arrived safe and sound, and on time, with no effort from us what so ever. Leaving us free to concentrate on preparing for the performance (ie putting on facepaint!)


Manchester Bike Hire can be contacted on 07523 092285

Thanks Pavol!