Key Swapping Party

NWVF2014 has launched in style with the Random Tandem Bike Lock Key Swap Party! And there even was a random tandem brought along to add to The Spokes’ tandem! We had a fantastic mix of bikes from fixes to minibikes to mountain bikes.
We asked everyone to lock their bikes up, attach their key to a tag, describe their bike on the tag, then put it in the hat. We then all took turns to pull a key out the hat, find what bike it unlocks, then ride round together. People who have never met before ended up on tandems together, some to great success, so to great amusement! We had about 5 rounds of swapping, then it’s the request round when you can request to go on whatever you like. Everyone seemed to enjoy having a go on bieks they would never usual have the opportunity to ride.

We then headed to the pub to celebrate NWVF2014 with our new friends. Thanks everyone for a great evening, hope to see you all throughout the rest of the fest.