Space 4 Cycling

Greater Mancester Cycling Campaign’s Space4Cycling Ride took places during our North West Velo Fest. Space4Cycling is a nationwide movement, a series of mass participation rides with the aim of insuring Councils to create safe Space for Cycling on our roads.
Saturday’s even was blessed with fantastic weather, and hundred of people gathered in the park in the sunshine with their bikes. The ride headed up the “Oxford Road Corridor”, an area which last year saw a consultation exercise on proposed infrastructure changes.
Here’s a fantastic photo taken at the top of Rushulme, the site of one of the few bits of segregated infrasture in our city, which in some people’s opinion leaves a lot to be desired.


It’s interesting to compare the two sides of the road which clearly demostrate two different methods of transport. Which side demostrates the most efficient use of space?