This is Your City Allycat

The Allycat is always the highlight of our festivals, and this year didn’t fail to deliver. Organised by Emily Spoke, an architect with a passion for urban regeneration, this allycat had the not-so-secret agenda of helping people to learn about their city. Urban Reg themed with photography challenges, a lot of fun was had and knowledge gained. Challenges include taking a brilliant picture of a brilliant bridge (with a banana), reviewing new cycling infrastructure, and learning the history of an iconic building from pub bouncers.


The allycat successfully brought together a wide spectrum of Manchester cyclist. From lycra and fixed gears to “go faster plastic flowers” and summer dresses. We all competed on an equal level and had much fun celebrating afterwards. Sandbar was kind enough to offer a 10% discount to all participants.

Well done to everyone involved – “you’re all winners!”