Bicycle Life Drawing

A new event for NWVF, brought to you by a new Spoke who got us access to an empty shop on Chorlton’s high street.

Event participants could chose to draw, or pose, or both. I never thought I’d find myself posing in a barbecue shop window but you never know what NWVF will bring you.

The event attracted a few people who usually draw, and a lot of people who haven’t done this since they were made to at school. We witnessed people start off outside their comfort zone then slowly getting really into it, and producing great works. We had members of the public come in off the street to join us.

There was also a photobooth set up so you could have a couple portrait taken of you and your beloved bicycle.

Overall, a very enjoyable event with brilliant people in a unique venue. Well done all involved, we can’t wit to do it again!