Evening Jolly

We love and miss our jolly rides. It’s such a wonderful evening to get out of the city and ride through the countryside on a weekday evening, then be back in work the next day knowing you did so much more than just watch TV like your colleagues. Thanks to the Manchester weather, we didn’t quite get out to the beautiful scenery as planned. But this is a bike festival in Manchester, we have to ride in the rain at least once!

14 people joined us, a large but manageable size for a group ride. The plan was Lymm and a great pub by the canel with beautiful views. We made it to Timperley, a very black cloud loomed over us. We took a group vote and headed to the nearest pub. Just after arrival it chucked it down big time. We were pleased with our decision.

The rain managed to stop and hold off for the journey home. Spinning along canals and tiny lanes in the dusk, chattering all the way.

I hope you all enjoyed the improvised ride!

Here is some of the gang looking jolly outside the pub: