PoWWow Pedal Powered Party at Plattfields Park

The party to celebrate all things alliteration. Plus bicycles and summer.

Huge thank you and well done to everyone who saw pooring rain and decided a party in a park was the best way to spend your Friday night. We weren’t expecting people to do that, it was a great surprise.

PoWWow did a surperb job as always turnign a boat house into a party venue. Hand made laterns, painted wheels, and a beautiful dinning table. Everyone did their bit pedalling to give us the electricity for the sound system, with The Spokes even trying out some new dance moves on the rig.

This was our first performance in the dark. We built a highly techincal stage set out of parafn and loo roll in tin cans to create our ring of fire to perform in.

After the show, everyone danced the night away, in the rain, busting moves in the ring of fire.