naked bike ride


The Spokes took part in the naked bike ride last Friday starting at All Saints Park on Oxford Road. There was an amazing turn out of people, over 200 participants, the vast majority riding the route naked but the emphasis was on ‘bare as you dare’. It even attracted a rider in a full traditional Scottish outfit! The naked bike ride is a global event emphasising the vulnerability of cyclists and highlighting how cyclists are generally overlooked on the roads. Well the ride certainly stopped traffic!!! There were a lot of on-lookers and motorists were very accommodating by letting the whole group ride through the lights and attracting a lot of support from passer-bys.


Our very own Spokes joined in the proceedings to show support for the cause, covered in body paint and looking fabulous…….it just goes to show that any ‘body’ can be a cyclist so grab a bike and GOOOOOOO……(Spokes!)