Halloween Critical Mass

“Happy Halloween” shouted Spoke Kat to over 250 people to launch this year’s Halloween Critical Mass. Hundreds of people in fancy dress, on bikes, taking over the city on a bizarrely warm evening. What fun!

Mass finished at a local pub, which we’d warned in advance and had hired extra staff just for us. We’d also asked them to ensure there was no cars in the carpark, to make room for a special performance!

CM Spokes

The Spokes medley! 4 of our best routines, with an interlude from the Spokey Blokeys! It’s been 2 tough months of serious rehearsals to get us, and the blokeys, ready for this. We even got DJ CC to come to 2 rehearsals as the music queues were a bit complex. It all paid off. The crowd were awesome!

Here’s the set list:

Spokey Blokey intro / crowd warm up

Captain Planet

Mungo Jerry – pushbike

Spokey Blokey Interlude (Ertha Kitt – Boy from Ipanema)

Beyonce – Single Ladies

Shania Twain – Man I feel like a women

Huge thanks to DJ CC and all our enthusiastic stage hands for making it happen! And to Manchester Bike Hire for being our dedicated roadie:

CM mcr bike hire transport (2)

This performance was dedicated to our number one fan and Shania influence Anna PoWWow!! Check out this photographic evidence of why PoWWow is the number one:

CM Spokey Blokeys (2)

Thank you and good night Manchester!

CM Spokes Gabi3