The Spokes were the UK’s first all-woman all-bike-loving bicycle dance troupe.

We love bicycles! We love to dance with bicycles, do tricks on them, ride in syncronisation.

In November 2012 we lost our venue and took a sabbatical. But now, in January 2014 we’re getting back on those tiny bikes and we’re RECRUITING! Have you ever considered a career in bicycle dancing? No experience necessary, just enthusiasm and the ability to give up one night a week. Get in touch if you’re interested: thespokes@yahoo.co.uk

In a wider sense we want to:

Promote bicycle riding,

Promote riding bikes as a mode of transport that is safer, more sociable, more rewarding, more fun, less damaging to ourselves and the people and environment around us than this massive car culture,

Promote positive self image for people no matter what their body shape or appearance, and to celebrate the empowerment of women,

Encourage health and fun exercise that isn’t in boring expensive gyms,

Encourage people and ourselves to live out our craziest dreams every moment,

Have masses of fun and encourage others to aswell..

Please download The Spokes Brochure 2012

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Emily and Chums
    Great website! Takes me back to my own wimminy days. I especially like the maypole idea, felt even the most inadequate of dancing cyclists could have a go at that and as for cycling while lying on your back – a truly exceptional concept that I hope we’ll see more of. Well done, all.
    Lots of love
    Claire, as in your mother’s friend

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