PoWWow Pedal Powered Party at Plattfields Park

The party to celebrate all things alliteration. Plus bicycles and summer.

Huge thank you and well done to everyone who saw pooring rain and decided a party in a park was the best way to spend your Friday night. We weren’t expecting people to do that, it was a great surprise.

PoWWow did a surperb job as always turnign a boat house into a party venue. Hand made laterns, painted wheels, and a beautiful dinning table. Everyone did their bit pedalling to give us the electricity for the sound system, with The Spokes even trying out some new dance moves on the rig.

This was our first performance in the dark. We built a highly techincal stage set out of parafn and loo roll in tin cans to create our ring of fire to perform in.

After the show, everyone danced the night away, in the rain, busting moves in the ring of fire.





Tweed Ride

The weather forecast was awful but you still came out dressed in your finery. Good show old chaps, good show! What a delightfully spiffing ride we had. Tally ho! etc etc




BBC Radio Manchester

Today The Spokes were invited into Media City to appear as a guest on BBC Radio Manchester! You can listen to the interview from 01:21 here:

The topic of discussion was bicycle dancing and North West Velo Fest

The presenter Becky Want concluded

“I do think it is still quite a strange wacky way to spend your lesiure time…but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that…we welcome all comers in Manchester”

I agree!


Bicycle Life Drawing

A new event for NWVF, brought to you by a new Spoke who got us access to an empty shop on Chorlton’s high street.

Event participants could chose to draw, or pose, or both. I never thought I’d find myself posing in a barbecue shop window but you never know what NWVF will bring you.

The event attracted a few people who usually draw, and a lot of people who haven’t done this since they were made to at school. We witnessed people start off outside their comfort zone then slowly getting really into it, and producing great works. We had members of the public come in off the street to join us.

There was also a photobooth set up so you could have a couple portrait taken of you and your beloved bicycle.

Overall, a very enjoyable event with brilliant people in a unique venue. Well done all involved, we can’t wit to do it again!





Evening Jolly

We love and miss our jolly rides. It’s such a wonderful evening to get out of the city and ride through the countryside on a weekday evening, then be back in work the next day knowing you did so much more than just watch TV like your colleagues. Thanks to the Manchester weather, we didn’t quite get out to the beautiful scenery as planned. But this is a bike festival in Manchester, we have to ride in the rain at least once!

14 people joined us, a large but manageable size for a group ride. The plan was Lymm and a great pub by the canel with beautiful views. We made it to Timperley, a very black cloud loomed over us. We took a group vote and headed to the nearest pub. Just after arrival it chucked it down big time. We were pleased with our decision.

The rain managed to stop and hold off for the journey home. Spinning along canals and tiny lanes in the dusk, chattering all the way.

I hope you all enjoyed the improvised ride!

Here is some of the gang looking jolly outside the pub:


Open Spokes

The Spokes have moved to our new home at the boathouse in Plattfields Park, thanks to the lovely people at Envirolution letting us into their space. Our first session in the new space was a very special one, and we opened up our rehearsals to NWVF. A great bunch of lads turned up and get themselves stuck into story telling, games, acting and plenty of tricks. Basically we spent our evening playing out in the park with friends on our bikes. I’m personally so happy this is what being in my 30s is about!

The Spokes shared some of their favourite moves and were very impressed with what we saw. Here’s a few photo highlights:Image




This is Your City Allycat

The Allycat is always the highlight of our festivals, and this year didn’t fail to deliver. Organised by Emily Spoke, an architect with a passion for urban regeneration, this allycat had the not-so-secret agenda of helping people to learn about their city. Urban Reg themed with photography challenges, a lot of fun was had and knowledge gained. Challenges include taking a brilliant picture of a brilliant bridge (with a banana), reviewing new cycling infrastructure, and learning the history of an iconic building from pub bouncers.


The allycat successfully brought together a wide spectrum of Manchester cyclist. From lycra and fixed gears to “go faster plastic flowers” and summer dresses. We all competed on an equal level and had much fun celebrating afterwards. Sandbar was kind enough to offer a 10% discount to all participants.

Well done to everyone involved – “you’re all winners!”



Space 4 Cycling

Greater Mancester Cycling Campaign’s Space4Cycling Ride took places during our North West Velo Fest. Space4Cycling is a nationwide movement, a series of mass participation rides with the aim of insuring Councils to create safe Space for Cycling on our roads.
Saturday’s even was blessed with fantastic weather, and hundred of people gathered in the park in the sunshine with their bikes. The ride headed up the “Oxford Road Corridor”, an area which last year saw a consultation exercise on proposed infrastructure changes.
Here’s a fantastic photo taken at the top of Rushulme, the site of one of the few bits of segregated infrasture in our city, which in some people’s opinion leaves a lot to be desired.


It’s interesting to compare the two sides of the road which clearly demostrate two different methods of transport. Which side demostrates the most efficient use of space? 

Manchester Vegan Fair

Yesterday The Spokes successfully communicated the JOY of cycling, through the medium of DANCE. The occasion was Manchester Vegan Fair, so we wrote a special one-off routine to a vegan song especially for them. It was a lot of fun and we’re starting to be able to include some tricks now which is very exciting.

Our cheerleaders are coming together nicely and have now been christened “The Spokey Blokies”! They were very popular!

Crowd reactions were fantastic. Bridget Spoke overhear two 8 year old girls in the bathrooms cheering “Goooooooooo Spokes!” and Lotte spoke had a fan inform her “you’re the best dancer out of them all!” It’s on!!




Next performances are:

Friday 23rd, PowWow Pedal Powered Party at Plattfields Park (for all fans of alliteration), sometime after 7pm, outside the boathouse

Saturday 24th, Envirolution Festival, also in Plattfield, 3pm on the “main stage”


NWVF continues for the next week. Today is the allycat treasure hunt. Get yourself down there now!