Want to Join?

Want to be a Spoke?
We are always looking for new members so don’t be afraid to get in touch! You’re more then welcome to turn up to one of our rehearsals with no commitment to joining our troupe, just come and see if you like it!

The criteria to becoming a Spoke has NOTHING to do with the following:
You’re already a close friend of ours and a huge part of the Manchester cycling scene. Most of us didn’t know each other before joining The Spokes
You have loads of experience in dancing, gymnastics, performance, and action. We don’t! Some of us have no rhythm, some are the most inflexible people you’ll ever meet. None of us have danced in front of an audience before (drunken nights out not included)
You’re a super fast, super fit cyclist, with loads of tricks up you’re sleeve. Cycling ability doesn’t matter, and we’ll teach you some simple tricks.

However, to become a Spoke, you DO NEED the following:
You love bicycles!
You can sacrifice one evening a week and occasionally a few hours at the weekend
You live in or near Manchester
You like the colour green

If you’ve answered YES to those four questions then hurry up and get in touch:
07759 630487 (Kat)
Face Book:The Spokes Manchester
Twitter: TheSpokesMCR
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